The eagle has landed. The rockets are powering down. The mission is complete. a.k.a…. THANK YOU!

Sometime in the summer of 2003, I began to sketch what would become the brand mark of this scrappy little design company. Later that year, ready or not, I took the leap. To still be thriving all these years later is quite an achievement considering the business plan consisted of 3 bullet points.

  • Do great work
  • Spend as much time as possible with my son
  • Don’t starve

Somehow, we managed to do that and quite a bit more. The last decade has been filled with unimaginable growth and opportunity for me. We started with annual reports and logos and along the way we somehow added economic development, websites and apps.

With all that growth, I felt gravity pulling forward towards something new. Something with others. Something with a bigger impact. (And maybe even a clearer vision for the business plan).

For the last few months, I have been pulling double duty. While I have been busy managing the safe landing of Rocketfuel, I have been equally busy navigating the path to launch a new agency. In July 2015, I will become a founding partner with Native, a design and brand communications firm.

Native will blend all that I have learned. I will be getting back to my brand building roots and mixing those things with my community building experiences to create a company that will not only do great work, but will also leave a great legacy.

At Native, our team will be creating in the space where Health and Wellness, Travel and Recreation, Education and Growth come together to help businesses, communities and individuals thrive.

It has been a hell of a ride. Through good times and bad, so many of you supported my dream. Together we accomplished a lot and I am really proud to close this chapter while still on top.

Rocketfuel is closing, but the journey is just beginning. Come blaze a new path with me at Native.

Love, James

Native Design & Brand Communications